Can You Drive With Fog Lights On Or Not?

When you turn your headlights on your car, you might wonder if you can just drive with your fog lights. These are the lights that you need to have on in order to see when the fog is very thick. Sometimes they are called your dim lights, fog lights should be used when you are driving to the fog. The reason is that the light from the headlights can reflect back at you. All of the sudden, you are driving into a wall of white. The same is true when you are driving in a snowstorm, you want to have your fog lights on so that you will be able to see as far as possible in front of you. The question that many people ask is can you drive with your fog lights on or not if there are no other related conditions.

Can You Buy New Fog Lights?

Before discussing fog lights, you should know that you can always buy new ones. You can get different colored bulbs, or you could have something completely separate added to your car, truck or motorcycle. You can find great deals on them. You may even be able to find someone that will install them for you. Companies that sell them are flexible in terms of how bright they are, what angle they will be, and where they are located.

When Is The Best Time To Have Them On?

The best time to use fog lights is, as mentioned before, when the fog is exceptionally thick. It is because of the angle of the lights. They are not shining directly into the fog, or into the snow, making it possible to see a little bit further. When you are using regular bright lights, which are going to angle higher, you are going to get that reflection. Therefore, the best time to have them on his when weather conditions begin to shift so that your visibility is very low.

What If You Are Using Your Fog Lights Without Fog?

If you are driving at night, and you have your fog lights on, you can use these when cars are approaching. It is a way of allowing the other car to see better at night without being blinded by your brights. It is common courtesy, and if you forget to do this when a police officer is passing by, you could be in for a lot of trouble. To avoid any problems at all, follow the simple rule of having your brights on when there is no one in front of you, and using your dim or fog lights when someone is approaching.

What If You Don’t Have Fog Lights On Your Vehicle?

If you do not have fog lights on your vehicle, this could be a problematic situation if you are going to head into fog, heavy rain, or snow. The lack of visibility will be maximized simply because of the angle of the regular lights. It will make your visibility no more than a few feet ahead of you. Of course, you would then want to pull over until the weather conditions improved. However, you should have these added, or have these sticks, as soon as possible. Also read some Tips On Choosing The Right led lights

If you are interested in getting new fog lights, you can always buy them at a local store. You can get ones that are different colored. Usually these are just hooked up to the mechanism that is already there on your vehicle. You are paying for the color of the lights that you are going to replace. Other than that, you now know why you should use them, and when not to use them, when you are driving along. Just remember the simple rule that if you have bad visibility, or someone approaching, the fog lights of the ones that will work best in those situations. Read about Diodedynamics – Ford F150 Led Lighting .