Want To Have A Stylish Look? Here Are Some Beard Styling Tips!

Big bushy beards are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why. It’s hard not to invoke the lumberjack imagery when you see someone with a major face-bush. If you’ve got the ability to grow a beard like that and you’ve been wondering what you can do with it, there’s a number of tips!

Beards Are More Than Bushes

The first thing to remember is that not all beards have to be bushy. The word “beard” is used to refer to a number of different facial hair styles. For example, a small beard that only covers the point of your chin is called a “goatee”. That word is also used to describe the facial hair with the chin beard connected to a mustache.

That’s just one example of how many different styles of beards exist. It doesn’t help that people call some styles other styles!

Full Beard

A full beard covers the entire bottom part of the face. If the hair grows thick from the ears down to cover the jawline and chin, then you’ve grown quite the beard!

Can anything be done with that? Absolutely! Keeping it trimmed shorter gives the appearance of a rugged outdoorsman. Let the full beard grow a little thicker, and there are a number of different looks. Many people equate thick, full beards with philosophers of the western world. Others associate it with the lumberjack and “wild man” icons.

There’s barely a quarter of an inch difference in length, yet you can have two wildly different looks. As long as you have a good beard trimmer and other beard care products, you can easily adapt your look to your moods. After all, if you can grow a full beard then you can almost certainly grow a quarter inch of facial hair in a few days!

Beard Styles With Mustaches

As mentioned above, the “goatee” is a chin beard that connects to a mustache. Some people refer to this as a “Fu Manchu”, after an elder Asian character in a beloved television show. However, the goatee and the Fu Manchu are slightly different. Fu Manchus don’t have connected mustaches. Rather, the mustache is cut and styled separately, even though it remains the same length as the beard. With a goatee, the hair is connected.

maintain The Beard

If you have a large, bushy “mountain man” beard, then you can always style a handlebar mustache. It has to be a smaller handlebar because there’s not quite enough free hair. In order to do a large handlebar, your facial hair has to be cut in a specific way.

As you can see, there are as many ways to style a beard as there are to style hair! Don’t forget to buy the right styling tools! You’ll want to have mustache or beard wax. There are two kinds; one that hardens into a near-plaster and one that’s closer to beeswax. For large, heavy styles you’ll need the former, if you only want a small handlebar over your giant face-bush then the latter works better.

Either way, make sure to keep it neat and tidy, and buy a high-quality buzzer!

Use Online Reviews to Find the Best Beard Trimmer

You might be looking for the perfect beard trimmer for yourself or someone else as a gift. There are a lot of products available, though, and once you start shopping online for a trimmer, it can become sort of tricky finding the right product.

Look For Best Beard Trimmer

After all, one beard trimmer is not going to be terribly different from another. All of these products are made in a similar fashion and are made to trim beards. But, there are features and additional accessories that each trimmer comes with and you need to narrow down all the available products to find the ones that have exactly what you need and want.

Compare The Products

This is where comparing products by reading the online reviews left by other users is so important. You should start your search by deciding what it is you really have to have in the item you buy.

All In One Trimmer

Will you need a hairbrush, comb and carrying case to come with your new trimmer? How about a vacuum beard trimmer that collects the hair within the trimmer as you trim? That can keep things from getting messy when you groom yourself.

Buy Trimmer That Leaves Your Skin Smooth And Fresh

Think of the features you need, and then start looking. Since most trimmers can be operated on AC power as well as batteries, it is important to find the run time for a trimmer. Some can go as long as two hours before running out of power. There seems to be nothing less convenient than getting ready to trim your beard before leaving for work only to turn it on and get halfway done before the unit stops working.

Online Reviews

There is so much helpful information to be gleaned from online reviews. It is important to check to see what the average rating is. For instance, you want a best trimmer that gets way more 5-star ratings than 1-star ratings. But, you also have to read a good portion of the reviews for yourself.

Some reviews can be fake, of course. Some people leave negative reviews for a perfectly decent beard trimmer because they had a bad customer service experience. Or, perhaps they purchased and received a defective unit but fail to explain this.

If you use Amazon to shop, the question and answer section for a particular beard trimmer can be extremely helpful in finding out how to use it or how certain features work.

Another option is to find Top 10 review lists online. These collect the average rating for many beard trimmers and list them in an easy-to-read format.