Can You Drive With Fog Lights On Or Not?

When you turn your headlights on your car, you might wonder if you can just drive with your fog lights. These are the lights that you need to have on in order to see when the fog is very thick. Sometimes they are called your dim lights, fog lights should be used when you are driving to the fog. The reason is that the light from the headlights can reflect back at you. All of the sudden, you are driving into a wall of white. The same is true when you are driving in a snowstorm, you want to have your fog lights on so that you will be able to see as far as possible in front of you. The question that many people ask is can you drive with your fog lights on or not if there are no other related conditions.

Can You Buy New Fog Lights?

Before discussing fog lights, you should know that you can always buy new ones. You can get different colored bulbs, or you could have something completely separate added to your car, truck or motorcycle. You can find great deals on them. You may even be able to find someone that will install them for you. Companies that sell them are flexible in terms of how bright they are, what angle they will be, and where they are located.

When Is The Best Time To Have Them On?

The best time to use fog lights is, as mentioned before, when the fog is exceptionally thick. It is because of the angle of the lights. They are not shining directly into the fog, or into the snow, making it possible to see a little bit further. When you are using regular bright lights, which are going to angle higher, you are going to get that reflection. Therefore, the best time to have them on his when weather conditions begin to shift so that your visibility is very low.

What If You Are Using Your Fog Lights Without Fog?

If you are driving at night, and you have your fog lights on, you can use these when cars are approaching. It is a way of allowing the other car to see better at night without being blinded by your brights. It is common courtesy, and if you forget to do this when a police officer is passing by, you could be in for a lot of trouble. To avoid any problems at all, follow the simple rule of having your brights on when there is no one in front of you, and using your dim or fog lights when someone is approaching.

What If You Don’t Have Fog Lights On Your Vehicle?

If you do not have fog lights on your vehicle, this could be a problematic situation if you are going to head into fog, heavy rain, or snow. The lack of visibility will be maximized simply because of the angle of the regular lights. It will make your visibility no more than a few feet ahead of you. Of course, you would then want to pull over until the weather conditions improved. However, you should have these added, or have these sticks, as soon as possible. Also read some Tips On Choosing The Right led lights

If you are interested in getting new fog lights, you can always buy them at a local store. You can get ones that are different colored. Usually these are just hooked up to the mechanism that is already there on your vehicle. You are paying for the color of the lights that you are going to replace. Other than that, you now know why you should use them, and when not to use them, when you are driving along. Just remember the simple rule that if you have bad visibility, or someone approaching, the fog lights of the ones that will work best in those situations. Read about Diodedynamics – Ford F150 Led Lighting .

Tips On Choosing The Right Single Row Or Double Row LED Light Bar

The revolution in lighting is finally here with the new, more powerful LED lights that are hitting the markets. In the past, LED bulbs were nicely colored but fairly dim and were used in lots of electronic devices as indicator lights. They’re super efficient, can’t hardly be broken, and last up to 50 years or more, but they just weren’t bright enough. Then, about 15 years ago breakthroughs were made that increased the brightness a hundred fold, but the price was fairly high. Over the past decade, however, the price has fallen and now they are as inexpensive as regular incandescent or fluorescent bulbs with tons of advantages. Here are some reasons why you should switch to LED on you car and some of the differences between the various off-road light bars that are available now.

LEDs Use Very Little Current Yet Are Very Powerful

For how incredibly bright they are, LEDs use almost no power compared to the older lights used on cars. When you’re looking at the super bright halogen bulbs that were quite common in driving lights, fog lights, and off-road light bars there is no comparison. The LED uses about 90% less power. That’s a huge advantage on any kind of vehicle since you have to generate all the power you use from the engine running an alternator.

With the older lights, you couldn’t just light up the world since you’d have to install a larger alternator and maybe a larger battery too. Plus, those older high-powered lights would suck a lot of energy and needed extra heavy hookup wiring to get the power to them in addition to heavy duty switches that wouldn’t melt.

With the modern LED lights, you can light up the world without drawing too much power, in fact, you can buy large light bars and mount them on top of your vehicle and light the road up from side to side and twice as far in front as well. They don’t need heavy wiring since they’re so efficient and they are incredibly durable to shocks, impacts, water, and all kinds of abuse. The individual small bulbs can literally be stepped on and not break. In addition to their toughness, they will typically last 30-50 years of normal use. Or, about 25,000 hours of continuous use. In nearly any possible case, they will outlast the vehicle they’re on and the driver of the vehicle as well.

When Choosing Between The Various Light Bars

Take the time to read the descriptions carefully to see how the light is distributed, that’s an important factor. In some cases you’re better off having a really long light bar with just one row of bulbs. Or you could have a shorter light bar of double row bulbs. The difference will be in how the light is focused in front of your vehicle.

If you’re putting the LED light bar on a off-road dune buggy that you spend most of the time on sand dunes, you’ll want a long distance beam that is also fairly broad as well. On the other hand, if you spend time running through brushy winding roads, you’ll want a light bar that lights up the sides of the roads closer to your rig. In fact, you may actually decide on getting two smaller, double row light bars and put one on each corner of your buggy to get the best lighting in your situation. Remember as well, if you get two smaller bars, you’ll be able to pivot them better for multiuse situations. Read more on our website .

The best way to really find out the focus of a particular light bar is to read the “verified purchasers” reviews online. These are people that have bought the particular light, mounted it on their vehicle, and then report back to let you know how wide, long, bright or not so bright the beams are. You can read hundreds of reviews to make sure you’re getting the right light bar that suits your needs. Visit us at  HTTPS://WWW.DIODEDYNAMICS.COM .

How LED Light Bars And Off-Road Lights Are Used

There has been a rather quiet revolution in lighting that has taken the entire planet earth into a new era. The LED lights that have always been common on electronic devices as indicator lights, have now become an order of magnitude brighter. The can now power everything from flashlights, home lighting, security lighting and automobile lighting with incredible efficiency. The acronym, LED, is short for “light emitting diode” and for many years they were used as small colored indicator lights, red, green, blue, and orange.

They’ve always been small for the amount of light they produced but had a limited amount of power. Now, however, scientists have made the tiny LED many thousands of times brighter and whiter so that it can be used in nearly any application. They are very durable, shock resistant, water proof, incredibly efficient, and can last up to 50 years or more. That makes them perfect for use on cars and SUVs, especially in applications where you want lots of light for very little power usage. Here is a comparison between off-road lighting and LED light bars.

Off-Road Lighting Has Been Revolutionized By LEDs

In the past, extremely bright off-road lights needed heavy duty wiring, power relays for switching, and heavy duty switches to carry all that power. Plus, you might have to boost your alternator size and battery size in order to power just a few lights. With LED, that is no longer the case because they are about 90% more efficient. In fact, you can now line up hundreds of these tiny lights into what is called a light bar, and illuminate huge swaths of the night. Also Read more blogs on our site .

Plus, since the individual LED lights are so small, yet powerful, you can buy smaller off-road lights that are made with them, to light up the sides of the road and even behind you, if that’s what you need. Due to their incredible versatility, off-road lights can now be made in hundreds of different shapes, sizes, colors, and numbers of LEDs. These new types of lights come in housings that can be attached easily to nearly any surface, bracket, pointed any direction and do a fantastic job of lighting things up.

Finding The Right LED Light Bar Or Off-Road Lighting

The hardest part about choosing a lighting appliance now for your off-road vehicle, is that there is so much selection that you’ll have trouble deciding. And in the end, you’ll most like buy several different types of lights for the various needs you have. For instance, those long LED light bars that sit on top of your vehicle, are great for lighting up the entire road in front of you, from side to side and way out front. But, you can’t drive down a street with them on because they’ll blind the oncoming cars, they’re only for off-road use. Read some Benefits of LED Lighting Technology

On the other hand, you can buy more focused lighting that can be directed away from the eyes of oncoming cars and still light up the road farther than your standard car lights. There are also several different types of lenses available that can help direct the light more specifically or more broadly. When you read the descriptions, some of the lights will be called “spot” lights which will mean they throw a long beam, straight ahead. However, a flood light designation, will have a beam that is more broad and less focused. Each type has it’s own value when driving down the road.

As you look through the various lights that you’ll find, take the time to read the detailed reviews left by verified purchasers. These can be the most beneficial when selecting your lights. These buyers have taken the time to install the lights and then report back to the community how well they work and the intensity of the lighting. By taking your time and reading not only the descriptions but the reviews as well, you’ll better know the exact lights that fit your needs. Read about Diode Dynamics – light Bar.

Why You Should Look At New Advances In FPGA Security

Have you been paying attention to the new advances in FPGA security? If you haven’t been keeping an eye on technological advances, now is the time for you to take a closer look. You’ll be impressed if you check out the advances that have been made.

These Security Systems Are Capable Of All Kinds Of Things

The FPGA security systems that are on the market right now are anything but basic. These systems are actually capable of a lot of impressive things. If you look at these systems, you’ll be able to learn more about the options that are available to you.

If you haven’t paid attention to these security systems in a while, you might not know how much they can do. These systems can do things you might not have ever imagined. Today’s security systems are a lot more advanced than the systems of the past.

Modern FPGA Security Systems Don’t Have The Same Flaws That Older Systems Did

If you’ve had bad experiences with security systems in the past, you shouldn’t rule newer systems out. While it’s true that older systems had a lot of flaws, a lot of newer systems are virtually flaw-free.

The minds behind these systems have learned from their mistakes. They have worked to correct a lot of the most common flaws associated with these security systems. Because of this, the newer security systems on the market provide excellent protection. You can count on a system like this to keep you safe and secure.

These Security Systems Are Affordable In Spite Of The Big Advancements

Even though FPGA security systems are extremely advanced, they won’t necessarily cost a fortune. A lot of these security systems are very reasonably priced.

The cost of these security systems is less than you might think. While there are definitely expensive systems that use Xilinx Spartan boards, there are also plenty of options that are reasonably priced. Check out some of the more advanced systems out there. See how much you’d have to spend in order to install a system like that in your home.

Your System Will Last For A Long Time

If you do wind up investing in one of these systems, you’re probably not going to want to replace it anytime soon. While the newest FPGA-based systems aren’t completely future-proof, you can expect them to last for quite a few years.

Even if you do want to upgrade your system in the future, you might not need to replace it entirely. There are plenty of ways to improve an FPGA-based system without taking the system out and installing a brand new one. You’ll be able to rely on a system like this for as long as you need to.

Spend some time looking at the new advances in FPGA security. FPGA security systems have made great strides over the last few years. If you start paying attention to the kinds of advances that have been made, you’ll be able to figure out whether or not an FPGA home security system would be a good fit for you. To know more visit the website at

How to Create Your Own DIY Floating Window Shelves

Do you want to add some floating window shelves to a specific room in your home? It may be your home office, living room, or even the dining room. No matter the room you’re selecting, you may want to add these floating shelves because they look neat, they’re capable of holding different items, and they’re simply convenient to have. However, you may be wondering how you can make these shelves on your own rather than spending a lot of money on them.

Get Your Materials

Start by getting the materials to create your own floating shelves. If you’re rather good at cutting and sanding wood, this may not be a big deal for you, especially if you enjoy taking on challenging do-it-yourself projects. If you don’t want to work with wood, you can still make your own floating shelves by purchasing affordable acrylic shelves from various home improvement stores. These shelves are often quite affordable and are easy to find in such a variety of different colors.

Once you’ve got the actual shelves, you’ll need a few other materials. Some of these materials include brackets, screws, and a level to make sure you’re installing the shelves evenly. After all, you’re not going to want your new shelves to lean over in one direction because then the items you put on the shelves are going to slide down on a slant and may even fall right to the floor.

Customize Your Shelves

Whether you’re working with wood or acrylic shelves, you may want to customize them to your liking. You can easily customize the shelves by painting them with different colors of paint and adding neat designs to them. You can even consider adding different types of embellishments to the shelves to make them stand out or match the decorations you’re using throughout the home. Once you’ve completed the customization process, you may be ready to install the shelves by the windows in different rooms throughout the home.

You’ll need to use your level to make sure you’re going to install the shelves properly. You may want to make a small mark on the wall with a pencil so that you know exactly where to place the shelves when you’re ready to screw them into the wall. Once you’ve got everything figured out, simply start the drilling process. You’re going to need to screw the floating shelves to the brackets and then screw them into the wall where you’ve made your pencil marks.

If you like the look of floating shelves, you may want to add some of these shelves near the windows in different rooms throughout your home, including your bedroom, the living room, and even your home office. Before you install these shelves, you’ll simply need to go out and get the materials that are needed to customize them and properly install them. As soon as they’re installed, you’ll likely love the look of your new shelves and the additional space you have available to use for different things, including flower vases, pencil holders, and photo frames. Get in touch with professionals at

How To Clear The Xilinx FPGA Configuration

Have you been searching for information on how to clear the Xilinx FPGA configuration? People typically do this in order to allow what is called boundary scan testing. When they are initially configured, it can prevent the boundary scan from actually working. This is because some signals will be blocked, preventing the scan to not work as it should. An example of this would be trying to configure this with what some would would referred to as a blank image. This is not an actual image, but a reference to an un-configured FPGA. By doing so, the boundary scan would occur, as if there is nothing to block it. You are simply tricked the system into doing its job without really fixing the problem.

What If It Does Not Clear Up?

If it doesn’t clear up, there are a couple reasons that may happen. First of all, there could be another issue which is directly linked to the FPGA which is making the scan nearly impossible. You could be working with one that has pull resisters. It just depends on how it is designed, and if they are currently enabled, specifically when the FPGA is an configured, this could cause a problem. These are resisters that are found internally on the FPGA board. If they are enabled, they could be pulling in opposite directions. That is one reason the scan may not work. The other problem is that if they are pulling in the same direction, this can cause an error masking a fault.

What If The Blank Image Strategy Doesn’t Work?

If you are dealing with a blank image problem, and it’s not fixing your issue, then you will need to reconfigure the FPGA. If you can return it to its original state, essentially making it blank, you will get better results if there is a reset command that you can use. If you need to create this, you can use software that will have that type of programming. There is typically a script that you will run, and once it is finished, running the scan is not going to be a problem at all. Of course, you could be trying to clear the FPGA configuration for other reasons, but this is usually why people want to have this done.

Other Options That You Have Available

the other options that you have available will include taking this to a professional that can help you. There are always going to be businesses that provide this type of service. Most of the companies that do this are going to charge a reasonable amount of money. They may even be able to do it for you while you are waiting in the lobby. You could have someone come out, but that could be expensive. Videos are online that you could watch that may also be able to help. If not of this works, you may have to send it back to the company that you purchased it from because it may actually have a fault in the construction of the FPGA device.

If you have not been able to clear the configuration on your field programmable gate array, and you have use the strategies, always contact the seller. They should be able to send another one out to you that is going to allow you to make it clear. If you can’t do this, it’s not going to be possible for you to use it to practice, or even configure, the FPGA the way that you want to. At the very least, you will end up with a new one that will be properly designed that will be very easy to reset each time that you would like to test something new. To know more about FPGA boards contact us or visit the website at

How To Properly Apply Treatment For Split Hair Ends

Good hair days are rare, but certain things can make bad hair days even worse. Dry, brittle hair is never good, and no one wants thin hair if they can help it. However, one of the biggest curses that hair can have is the dreaded split end.

What Are Split Ends?

Before getting into treatments for split hair ends it’s important to know what split ends actually are. People will refer to them quite often, but it’s not always obvious to people who don’t know how to identify them. They may notice their hair looking shabby, but they wouldn’t be able to pinpoint why.

In order to better explain split ends, think about a paint brush. If you’ve ever seen a paintbrush that’s old and abused, you’ve noticed the brush tips looking frayed. The ends of the strands are thinner and lighter in color than the bases and often bent at odd angles. The tips will often feel brittle and dry no matter how much moisture is applied.

When hair looks like that, it’s called having split ends. Just like a worn down paintbrush, hair with split ends becomes frayed, dry, and colorless at the tips.

How Are Split Ends Caused?

Split ends are caused by stress. Not personal anxiety, but rather stress placed on the hair. Things such as excess heat or curling can often cause split ends. They can also be caused by not using properly moisturizing shampoo.

Essentially, split ends are caused by poor or negligent treatment of hair. The tips become dry and brittle, and the longer you go without proper treatment the further the split ends spread.

Treatment For Split Hair Ends

Unfortunately, there is no way to “revitalize” split ends. The only way to get rid of them is to cut them off. Hair is made of dead cells, so once those cells have dried up and died there’s no “life” to suck in the necessary nutrients.

However, there are ways to ensure the split ends don’t travel further up your hair.

Snipping The Tips

The quickest and easiest way to deal with split ends is to grab a pair of scissors and snip them off. If you catch them early, you may not have to clip much. This can be obnoxious if you were trying to grow your hair long, but much like pruning a tree snipping off the split ends will help your hair grow stronger.

Revitalizing Shampoos

Because natural hair has such a wide spectrum of needs it’s important to know what your hair requires before trying shampoos or oil treatments. Using the wrong product can do more damage to your hair than leaving it alone. So make sure you talk to a professional stylist about what types of products will best work for your hair.

At the end of the day, there’s no reason to presume natural hair has to have frizzy split ends. Natural hair can be smooth and sleek, it’s just a matter of getting the proper treatments  at Three Squares Soil and performing the proper upkeep.

Directions For How To Shape A Short Beard

There are quite a number of advantages to having a short beard. You are less likely to get food caught in them, they are easier to tame, and when trimmed just right can help to give you that sculpted jawline look. However, in order to keep them looking great does require you to use the proper tools and be dedicated to using that proper grooming technique that works with your specific face shape. The following are some tips on how to properly shape and groom a short beard.


Dealing with your neckline can be tricky. If you keep too loose it can give you more of a hippy look and if you are too tight on the neck and cheek it may give you that gangster look.

One tip is to slightly tilt your chin in order to locate your jawline. Then make your neckline an inch under your jaw. To further tailor your jawline, move your head in front of the mirror so that you see if from different angles so that you can determine the best crop and shape. The following are the tools you will need for grooming your short beard:

A beard trimmer, straight razor or safety razor
Scissors for detail work
Beard balm or beard oil
Brush or fine-tooth comb for detangling
Three-way mirror, or portable standing mirror

Tips For Shaping A Short Beard:

Get out your electric trimmer, straight razor, or safety razor. Start at the middle of your chin and neck and go up in the direction of your ear, and follow the natural curve along your jawline. Shape one side of your beard at a time. For symmetry, after you are satisfied with the way one side of your beard looks, then do the exact same thing on the other side.

If you are going to use a trimmer to shape your beard, start out using a longer guard length to remove less hair. Next, continue working your way down to get a more precise, and close cut. Apply light pressure only in the direction that your hair grows. If you are going to use a blade, then to get a clean line, dig in slightly. Next, apply light pressure in the same direction that your hair grows.

In order to set the parameters for your cheek line, look into the mirror and smile, and then follow the line of your smile up in the direction of your sideburns.

Outline your check and then do your trimming. To get a sharper line, use a straight razor or safety razor.

If you are going to use a trimmer, then place your index finger precisely in the place where you would like your cheek line, and then shave upwards towards your finger. If you aren’t using a razor that creates a line that is evener.

Brush out your beard and, if necessary, clean things up using scissors.

Bonus Tips:

If the growth of your beard doesn’t connect to your mustache, lower your cheek line.

To soothe your beard and skin during shaving, utilize a shave oil (it is transparent so it also allows you to better see what you are doing). For more information contact us or Check here.

How An Electronic Water Softener Is Made

When you purchase a water softener, you might wonder how it is able to do the work that it does. Its ability to remove minerals from the water, or at least soften the water, might be difficult to understand. In some cases, the minerals are actually extracted. With others, they are changing the electro magnetic composition of these minerals. Either way, you are improving the type of water that you are drinking, and also preventing the minerals from sticking to the inside of your pipes which can cause problems with your plumbing later on. This overview of how electronic water softeners are made will show you why they are so beneficial.


How Are They Constructed?

These are constructed in a couple different ways. First of all, you are going to have the water supply come in from the top which will go through some type of meter. This will put it into what is called the mineral tank. Once it goes through the different beads that are inside which can soften the water, or the filters, it will then be sent back out the top. This is the water that will go into your house that you will drink, and that you will use for every other purpose in your home.

Backwash Recharge And Rinse

Backwash is representative of what goes into a brine tank. This is water that is going to go through this process of being either transformed or cleansed. It will then be sent to what is called a recharge tank. Finally, it will be rinsed and ready to be used in your home. After you have done this a couple of times, at each faucet, you will notice a distinct change in the quality of the water and the way that it feels. All of these systems work in a very similar way, and once you have installed yours, you are going to be improving the water that you drink and ensuring that your plumbing pipes are going to last.

Are These Very Expensive?

These are not very expensive at all if you know where to shop. As mentioned before, home improvement stores are going to have a large number of them. If you can find one there, you can search online for a best water softener system. This is going to lead you to several of them that might be useful. Make sure that you are getting an electronic water softener. These are going to be the cheapest use. They may also be the most efficient based upon how they are constructed to properly filter your water.

Although water softeners are not used by everyone, those that are in rural communities that are getting their water from the ground are certainly going to want to use them. Most of these companies are going to have several different choices to choose from. Based on the prices that they are charging, and the quality of the water that will be produced, you can make your decision. Additionally, you may want to pick one up at a local store instead of having it sent. Finally, you may consider working with a business that can install a water softener for you.

What Are the Benefits of LED Lighting Technology?

When any type of new technology comes out, it often is used by those who consider themselves to be on the cutting edge. Eventually, it gains enough steam that it will enter into the mainstream and that is where LED technology exists today. When people consider LED lighting, they think of something that is futuristic and to be certain, LED is the future for many of us. When you take a look at the benefits of using LED lighting technology, however, you quickly realize that it is a choice that offers much to the consumer. Here are a few benefits for your consideration:

Cool lighting –

I’m not necessarily talking about the fact that it is on the cutting edge, I’m talking about the temperature of the light itself. When any type of bulb produces light, it is going to generate heat as a result. The bulb itself releases the heat as something that you can feel, and it keeps the bulb from burning out over time. Contrary to popular belief, LED lights do put off heat but since they are energy-efficient, they put off much less heat than an incandescent light. This can make a difference in the comfort of your home. Know How you will be Finding The Best Headlights For Night Driving

Long-lasting –

Regardless of whether you’re using LED lights in your home or in your automobile, the fact that they last a long time is going to be of benefit to you. It helps you to save money and in the long run, can go a long way in assisting you to get the most out of this technology. Since you’re not replacing them on a regular basis, it will end up saving you money and the fact that they are long-lasting is also good for the environment as well.

Bright – Did you realize that LED lights are much brighter than incandescent lights? Part of it is because the type of light that they put off. What might surprise you, however, is the fact that there is not actually a white incandescent light. They may appear to be white but you’re actually looking at a blue light that is shown through a yellow coating. There may also be various combinations of colors, including red, green and blue. They come together to produce a light that looks white when you see it.

Options – Although there may be various options available for incandescent lights, there are many others that are available with LED lighting. In fact, we have only really begun to scratch the surface when it comes to what is able to be done with this type of light. You will find it to be beneficial, regardless of whether you’re using it as a reading light or if it is being used as a headlight in your automobile. It is an option that you will want to consider because it has much to offer.

These are just a few of the many benefits available from LED lighting. As you use this technology for yourself, you will probably discover many more visit us .