Directions For How To Shape A Short Beard

There are quite a number of advantages to having a short beard. You are less likely to get food caught in them, they are easier to tame, and when trimmed just right can help to give you that sculpted jawline look. However, in order to keep them looking great does require you to use the proper tools and be dedicated to using that proper grooming technique that works with your specific face shape. The following are some tips on how to properly shape and groom a short beard.


Dealing with your neckline can be tricky. If you keep too loose it can give you more of a hippy look and if you are too tight on the neck and cheek it may give you that gangster look.

One tip is to slightly tilt your chin in order to locate your jawline. Then make your neckline an inch under your jaw. To further tailor your jawline, move your head in front of the mirror so that you see if from different angles so that you can determine the best crop and shape. The following are the tools you will need for grooming your short beard:

A beard trimmer, straight razor or safety razor
Scissors for detail work
Beard balm or beard oil
Brush or fine-tooth comb for detangling
Three-way mirror, or portable standing mirror

Tips For Shaping A Short Beard:

Get out your electric trimmer, straight razor, or safety razor. Start at the middle of your chin and neck and go up in the direction of your ear, and follow the natural curve along your jawline. Shape one side of your beard at a time. For symmetry, after you are satisfied with the way one side of your beard looks, then do the exact same thing on the other side.

If you are going to use a trimmer to shape your beard, start out using a longer guard length to remove less hair. Next, continue working your way down to get a more precise, and close cut. Apply light pressure only in the direction that your hair grows. If you are going to use a blade, then to get a clean line, dig in slightly. Next, apply light pressure in the same direction that your hair grows.

In order to set the parameters for your cheek line, look into the mirror and smile, and then follow the line of your smile up in the direction of your sideburns.

Outline your check and then do your trimming. To get a sharper line, use a straight razor or safety razor.

If you are going to use a trimmer, then place your index finger precisely in the place where you would like your cheek line, and then shave upwards towards your finger. If you aren’t using a razor that creates a line that is evener.

Brush out your beard and, if necessary, clean things up using scissors.

Bonus Tips:

If the growth of your beard doesn’t connect to your mustache, lower your cheek line.

To soothe your beard and skin during shaving, utilize a shave oil (it is transparent so it also allows you to better see what you are doing). For more information contact us or Check here.