Found Lighting Fixtures From West Elm That I Bought

My husband and I have been doing some improvements to our home. We have been going room by room to update the house. Most recently, we started working on our dining room. We have been painting it and have both decided that we want to get new lighting fixtures for our dining room.

Search For Great Ideas Online

One night when I was taking a break from working on the dining room, I started looking at lighting fixtures so I could figure out what I wanted to get. I went on Pinterest and started searching for lighting ideas. I found a few that I really liked and I clicked on the link so I could see how much they cost and where I could get them from. Each one of the ones I found were on the West Elm website. I browsed around their lighting fixtures and found several that I really liked. I thought about how each one of them would look and I showed them to my husband to see what he thought. He didn’t like any of the ones I showed him. I kept looking around and found more.

Place Your Order Right Away

Finally we found contemporary chandeliers – modern chandelier designs lighting from West Elm that we both liked. I placed my order for the lighting fixture and got it not long after that. We haven’t installed it yet, but we have both agreed that we like the one we got. I know it is going to look great when we put it up. We have a few finishing touches to finish up the paint in that room and then we are going to put the fixture up.

I can’t wait to see what it looks like when everything is done and how much different it looks from the before pictures we took of it.