How LED Light Bars And Off-Road Lights Are Used

There has been a rather quiet revolution in lighting that has taken the entire planet earth into a new era. The LED lights that have always been common on electronic devices as indicator lights, have now become an order of magnitude brighter. The can now power everything from flashlights, home lighting, security lighting and automobile lighting with incredible efficiency. The acronym, LED, is short for “light emitting diode” and for many years they were used as small colored indicator lights, red, green, blue, and orange.

They’ve always been small for the amount of light they produced but had a limited amount of power. Now, however, scientists have made the tiny LED many thousands of times brighter and whiter so that it can be used in nearly any application. They are very durable, shock resistant, water proof, incredibly efficient, and can last up to 50 years or more. That makes them perfect for use on cars and SUVs, especially in applications where you want lots of light for very little power usage. Here is a comparison between off-road lighting and LED light bars.

Off-Road Lighting Has Been Revolutionized By LEDs

In the past, extremely bright off-road lights needed heavy duty wiring, power relays for switching, and heavy duty switches to carry all that power. Plus, you might have to boost your alternator size and battery size in order to power just a few lights. With LED, that is no longer the case because they are about 90% more efficient. In fact, you can now line up hundreds of these tiny lights into what is called a light bar, and illuminate huge swaths of the night. Also Read more blogs on our site .

Plus, since the individual LED lights are so small, yet powerful, you can buy smaller off-road lights that are made with them, to light up the sides of the road and even behind you, if that’s what you need. Due to their incredible versatility, off-road lights can now be made in hundreds of different shapes, sizes, colors, and numbers of LEDs. These new types of lights come in housings that can be attached easily to nearly any surface, bracket, pointed any direction and do a fantastic job of lighting things up.

Finding The Right LED Light Bar Or Off-Road Lighting

The hardest part about choosing a lighting appliance now for your off-road vehicle, is that there is so much selection that you’ll have trouble deciding. And in the end, you’ll most like buy several different types of lights for the various needs you have. For instance, those long LED light bars that sit on top of your vehicle, are great for lighting up the entire road in front of you, from side to side and way out front. But, you can’t drive down a street with them on because they’ll blind the oncoming cars, they’re only for off-road use. Read some Benefits of LED Lighting Technology

On the other hand, you can buy more focused lighting that can be directed away from the eyes of oncoming cars and still light up the road farther than your standard car lights. There are also several different types of lenses available that can help direct the light more specifically or more broadly. When you read the descriptions, some of the lights will be called “spot” lights which will mean they throw a long beam, straight ahead. However, a flood light designation, will have a beam that is more broad and less focused. Each type has it’s own value when driving down the road.

As you look through the various lights that you’ll find, take the time to read the detailed reviews left by verified purchasers. These can be the most beneficial when selecting your lights. These buyers have taken the time to install the lights and then report back to the community how well they work and the intensity of the lighting. By taking your time and reading not only the descriptions but the reviews as well, you’ll better know the exact lights that fit your needs. Read about Diode Dynamics – light Bar.