How to Create Your Own DIY Floating Window Shelves

Do you want to add some floating window shelves to a specific room in your home? It may be your home office, living room, or even the dining room. No matter the room you’re selecting, you may want to add these floating shelves because they look neat, they’re capable of holding different items, and they’re simply convenient to have. However, you may be wondering how you can make these shelves on your own rather than spending a lot of money on them.

Get Your Materials

Start by getting the materials to create your own floating shelves. If you’re rather good at cutting and sanding wood, this may not be a big deal for you, especially if you enjoy taking on challenging do-it-yourself projects. If you don’t want to work with wood, you can still make your own floating shelves by purchasing affordable acrylic shelves from various home improvement stores. These shelves are often quite affordable and are easy to find in such a variety of different colors.

Once you’ve got the actual shelves, you’ll need a few other materials. Some of these materials include brackets, screws, and a level to make sure you’re installing the shelves evenly. After all, you’re not going to want your new shelves to lean over in one direction because then the items you put on the shelves are going to slide down on a slant and may even fall right to the floor.

Customize Your Shelves

Whether you’re working with wood or acrylic shelves, you may want to customize them to your liking. You can easily customize the shelves by painting them with different colors of paint and adding neat designs to them. You can even consider adding different types of embellishments to the shelves to make them stand out or match the decorations you’re using throughout the home. Once you’ve completed the customization process, you may be ready to install the shelves by the windows in different rooms throughout the home.

You’ll need to use your level to make sure you’re going to install the shelves properly. You may want to make a small mark on the wall with a pencil so that you know exactly where to place the shelves when you’re ready to screw them into the wall. Once you’ve got everything figured out, simply start the drilling process. You’re going to need to screw the floating shelves to the brackets and then screw them into the wall where you’ve made your pencil marks.

If you like the look of floating shelves, you may want to add some of these shelves near the windows in different rooms throughout your home, including your bedroom, the living room, and even your home office. Before you install these shelves, you’ll simply need to go out and get the materials that are needed to customize them and properly install them. As soon as they’re installed, you’ll likely love the look of your new shelves and the additional space you have available to use for different things, including flower vases, pencil holders, and photo frames. Get in touch with professionals at