How To Get A Copy Of Your Social Security Card Online

Your social security card is one of the most important forms of identifications that have been issued to you. It is used by the federal government to identify you for a number of reasons. If you have found that you no longer know where your card is it is imperative that you take the measures to get a new card as soon as you can.

One of the easiest ways is to request to get stolen ss card by going online. You will simply need to go to the Social Security Administration’s website. There you will see a link to request a replacement card. Once you click on that link you will need to enter your personal information. This will include your name, date of birth, current address and social security number. There will also be some questions that will help to identify you, such as your mother’s maiden name.

It is important that when you are filling out this application that you are very careful. You want all of the information that you provide to be accurate. If there are any mistakes on the application you will likely have your application flagged as possibly being a case of fraud. This can greatly slow down the process or even lead to you needing to apply all over again. You can avoid this by checking everything that you enter into the website before you submit the information.

Complete Your SS Card Application

Once you have completed your application you will be given a list of possible documents that you can send to them to prove your identity. The most popular documents used are a birth certificate and a state issued identification card. There may be other approved documents that can be used, but it is important that you fully understand the instruction that are provided.

You then will need to mail in these documents so that your application can be processed. Some people are rather uncomfortable with this part of the process due to the sensitive nature of these documents. In general there really is nothing to worry about as long as you enter the correct address that is provided to send them to.

Send Information Online

If you do not feel comfortable with sending this information in the mail and over the internet you can always go directly to the office that is closest to you. While there likely will be a line, once you are able to speak with someone the process is rather fast. You will simply need to present the same documents and answer a few questions. They will then submit your request and have the card mailed to you as soon as is possible.

It is easy to get a replacement of your social security card online as long as you have a basic understanding of using the internet. It just takes accurately filling out the information that is requested. Once you complete the process they will mail you a replacement card to the address that you provide.