How To Make Your Website Rank Higher On Google

If you have a website or intend to create a website, then you should know that you won’t get much organic traffic to it if you don’t do SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website’s on-page and off-page factors so that search engines like Google rank it higher for the keywords it’s targeting. When your site ranks higher and specifically on the top #1 spot of Google, your site will get the majority of traffic for that keyword. So, in this article, we will cover how you can properly do SEO so that your site ranks highly.

The first tip is to create a high quality website that has good on-page optimization. This means that when you’re building your website, you should use a modern theme that is fast and mobile responsive. You should also get an SSL certificate for your website so that its is https and not just http. This will tell Google that your site is secure and safe which will increase your rankings over sites without this certificate. A mobile friendly site is also essential since most people surf the internet on their smartphones and other mobile devices. If your site is not mobile friendly, then Google will penalize it.

Using Keyword Research Tool

Next, in order to do proper on-page optimization, you need to do good keyword research. You need to find the best marketing solutions and best long tail keywords for your site that are not too competitive but have good search volume. There are many keyword research tools you can use such as KWFinder, Long Tail Pro, Google keyword tool etc. You should also choose keywords that are highly specific and targeted to the content that you want to create. Once you have a list of at least a hundred keywords, you can get started building out the pages of your site and be sure to use at least a few related keywords per page.

When you are creating each page of your website, you should make sure and have one target keyword that you optimize for. Be careful not to over-optimize and you should only place your main keyword once in the title or URL as well as a few times in the body. It is essential that each page of your website is well thought out and provides value that people are searching for.

Quality Of Backlinks

Once you have finished on-page optimization, you can move on to off-page optimization which is about building backlinks. The quality of your backlinks matter and not the quantity. You should always be careful to diversify your backlink profile and get as many varied links as possible. You should avoid getting poor quality links such as blog comments, profile links, GSA links etc, since these can tank your rankings.

In closing, if you want to increase your rankings on Google, then be sure to follow the guidelines above. However, remain patient since it will take at least 10 months to a year before you start to get significant results.