How To Obtain A Social Security Card From The SSA Office

How do you obtain a social security card? First, is this your first social security card as a citizen of the United States, or are you getting a replacement card? Second, is this just a replacement card, or are you changing your number or name? Citizens of the United States are issued a social security card and number at birth. So if you were born in the US, you have or have had a card. You might just need a replacement.

First Time Getting a Social Security Card?

You might be happy to find out that you could possibly get a replacement social security card online, without having to go to the office. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? It certainly would, but if this is your first time getting a social security card, you are going to have to make that trip. There are other factors as mentioned that could cause you to have to make that trip regardless, too.

The option to apply for merchant account online is a convenience in its infancy, and there is still an online identity verification process to deal with. Additionally, the online verification process has everything to do with your credit file, which is attached to your social security number. So now you understand a little more about what lies ahead if you need a new social security card.

How To Obtain A Social Security Card

Based on what has been said so far about how to obtain a social security card, what are your circumstances? Let’s say that you need a social security card and will have to go to the office. You need to know that you will have to verify your identity in order to get a card. To do this, people usually show a form of picture identification, preferably a state ID or driver’s license. Do you have one of those forms of identification?

If not, there are alternatives, or you can wait until you do in fact secure a state ID or driver’s license. Now, you are also going to be asked to verify your citizenship. This is a stipulation set in place by the US government to make sure that the social security system works for US citizens. So you have to prove your citizenship to get a card. How are you expected to do that?

Take Along A Copy Of birth Certificate

The easiest way to do it is to show a copy of your birth certificate. There are other ways to prove citizenship of course, as there are many citizens of the US that weren’t born here. Look at the list of documents on the SSA website that you can use to prove your citizenship. Once you have proven your citizenship, verified your identity and filled out the application, you should be good to go, unless you have changed your name or social security number.

There are other forms for those situations, and the people at your local SSA office will help you know what to do. Plus, you also have access to those forms online ahead of time if you want to look into the matter by yourself. All of these steps mentioned is how you go about obtaining a new social security card.