How To Properly Apply Treatment For Split Hair Ends

Good hair days are rare, but certain things can make bad hair days even worse. Dry, brittle hair is never good, and no one wants thin hair if they can help it. However, one of the biggest curses that hair can have is the dreaded split end.

What Are Split Ends?

Before getting into treatments for split hair ends it’s important to know what split ends actually are. People will refer to them quite often, but it’s not always obvious to people who don’t know how to identify them. They may notice their hair looking shabby, but they wouldn’t be able to pinpoint why.

In order to better explain split ends, think about a paint brush. If you’ve ever seen a paintbrush that’s old and abused, you’ve noticed the brush tips looking frayed. The ends of the strands are thinner and lighter in color than the bases and often bent at odd angles. The tips will often feel brittle and dry no matter how much moisture is applied.

When hair looks like that, it’s called having split ends. Just like a worn down paintbrush, hair with split ends becomes frayed, dry, and colorless at the tips.

How Are Split Ends Caused?

Split ends are caused by stress. Not personal anxiety, but rather stress placed on the hair. Things such as excess heat or curling can often cause split ends. They can also be caused by not using properly moisturizing shampoo.

Essentially, split ends are caused by poor or negligent treatment of hair. The tips become dry and brittle, and the longer you go without proper treatment the further the split ends spread.

Treatment For Split Hair Ends

Unfortunately, there is no way to “revitalize” split ends. The only way to get rid of them is to cut them off. Hair is made of dead cells, so once those cells have dried up and died there’s no “life” to suck in the necessary nutrients.

However, there are ways to ensure the split ends don’t travel further up your hair.

Snipping The Tips

The quickest and easiest way to deal with split ends is to grab a pair of scissors and snip them off. If you catch them early, you may not have to clip much. This can be obnoxious if you were trying to grow your hair long, but much like pruning a tree snipping off the split ends will help your hair grow stronger.

Revitalizing Shampoos

Because natural hair has such a wide spectrum of needs it’s important to know what your hair requires before trying shampoos or oil treatments. Using the wrong product can do more damage to your hair than leaving it alone. So make sure you talk to a professional stylist about what types of products will best work for your hair.

At the end of the day, there’s no reason to presume natural hair has to have frizzy split ends. Natural hair can be smooth and sleek, it’s just a matter of getting the proper treatments¬† at Three Squares Soil and performing the proper upkeep.