Tips On Choosing The Right Single Row Or Double Row LED Light Bar

The revolution in lighting is finally here with the new, more powerful LED lights that are hitting the markets. In the past, LED bulbs were nicely colored but fairly dim and were used in lots of electronic devices as indicator lights. They’re super efficient, can’t hardly be broken, and last up to 50 years or more, but they just weren’t bright enough. Then, about 15 years ago breakthroughs were made that increased the brightness a hundred fold, but the price was fairly high. Over the past decade, however, the price has fallen and now they are as inexpensive as regular incandescent or fluorescent bulbs with tons of advantages. Here are some reasons why you should switch to LED on you car and some of the differences between the various off-road light bars that are available now.

LEDs Use Very Little Current Yet Are Very Powerful

For how incredibly bright they are, LEDs use almost no power compared to the older lights used on cars. When you’re looking at the super bright halogen bulbs that were quite common in driving lights, fog lights, and off-road light bars there is no comparison. The LED uses about 90% less power. That’s a huge advantage on any kind of vehicle since you have to generate all the power you use from the engine running an alternator.

With the older lights, you couldn’t just light up the world since you’d have to install a larger alternator and maybe a larger battery too. Plus, those older high-powered lights would suck a lot of energy and needed extra heavy hookup wiring to get the power to them in addition to heavy duty switches that wouldn’t melt.

With the modern LED lights, you can light up the world without drawing too much power, in fact, you can buy large light bars and mount them on top of your vehicle and light the road up from side to side and twice as far in front as well. They don’t need heavy wiring since they’re so efficient and they are incredibly durable to shocks, impacts, water, and all kinds of abuse. The individual small bulbs can literally be stepped on and not break. In addition to their toughness, they will typically last 30-50 years of normal use. Or, about 25,000 hours of continuous use. In nearly any possible case, they will outlast the vehicle they’re on and the driver of the vehicle as well.

When Choosing Between The Various Light Bars

Take the time to read the descriptions carefully to see how the light is distributed, that’s an important factor. In some cases you’re better off having a really long light bar with just one row of bulbs. Or you could have a shorter light bar of double row bulbs. The difference will be in how the light is focused in front of your vehicle.

If you’re putting the LED light bar on a off-road dune buggy that you spend most of the time on sand dunes, you’ll want a long distance beam that is also fairly broad as well. On the other hand, if you spend time running through brushy winding roads, you’ll want a light bar that lights up the sides of the roads closer to your rig. In fact, you may actually decide on getting two smaller, double row light bars and put one on each corner of your buggy to get the best lighting in your situation. Remember as well, if you get two smaller bars, you’ll be able to pivot them better for multiuse situations. Read more on our website .

The best way to really find out the focus of a particular light bar is to read the “verified purchasers” reviews online. These are people that have bought the particular light, mounted it on their vehicle, and then report back to let you know how wide, long, bright or not so bright the beams are. You can read hundreds of reviews to make sure you’re getting the right light bar that suits your needs. Visit us at  HTTPS://WWW.DIODEDYNAMICS.COM .