What Are The Best Skin Care Tips?

It does not matter whether you are dealing with dry skin, adult acne or cellulite, there are some skin care tips you can use to help your skin looks its very best no matter your age or skin type.


Moisturizing every day is one of the best ways to combat dry skin. When you apply lotion or moisturizer to your skin right after you shower helps to seal the moisture in.

moisturize your skin

Your hands often show the first signs of aging, and this is one reason why you should invest in a moisturizer that is considered heavy and can be easily kept in your handbag, car or desk drawer at work.

Eat Your Greens

Eat Greens

Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and other whole foods nourish your skin from the inside out. For example, dark leafy greens like kale, arugula and spinach are packed with antioxidants. To have a more blemish free and radiant complexion, you should includes greens with your lunch or dinner meals.

Erase Wrinkles

Retinoids are topical and they have been shown to dramatically improve the texture and appearance of the skin. They can also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This means that for women who are looking for products that promote anti-aging, retinol is the one ingredient that you should keep in your skincare regimen to keep your skin looking youthful.



You can stop scars and stretch marks from getting darker by applying a thick layer of sunscreen to your skin. You can also apply a topical to the skin at night before going to bed that will help to minimize scars and repairing cells and tissue that has become damaged.

Keep Your Cell Phone Away From Your Face

If you keep your cell phone up to your ear for hours a day while talking, you could be exposing your skin to bacteria that could lead to breakouts. If you must use your phone for hours every day, be sure to keep antibacterial wipes on hand to keep your phone clean.

Eat Omega Fatty Acids

Eat Omega Fatty Acids

The Mediterranean Diet is full of healthy, fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, vegetables, olive oil and fruits. All of these whole foods help keep the skin looking firm and youthful due to the essential fatty acids in these foods. This diet has the antioxidants needed to give your skin a glow as well as reverse sun damage. You can also use a Body Mitt to Keep Your Skin Healthy?

These are some of the tips you can use to keep your skin looking its best. By being proactive with your skin care, you can slow down the signs of skin aging.

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