Who are Xilinx?

Xilinx are a leading manufacturer of FPGA boards, offering boards at a number of price points and with varying degrees of processing power, storage and additional features as well as interfaces. They were set up in the mid-1980s, and have since gone on to become one of the market leaders, holding 51 percent of the market share of FPGAs, with the next biggest competitor having just 34 percent of the market share.

Applications of Xilinx Boards

Xilinx make boards for the military, for portable devices (including portable ultrasound), for use in cameras, and for many other purposes. They have high-end offerings, as well as lower-end boards that are priced more affordably but that have lower power consumption requirements.

Fully programmable Fpga


FPGAs are field programmable gate arrays. They are circuit boards that can be programmed after manufacture and delivery, offering the versatility that ensures they can be used in many different applications. Instead of spending a lot of money on setting up a factory to make one specific, single use circuit board, with an FPGA there is a lower initial manufacturing cost. Xilinx make a huge number of these versatile boards, and then the buyers configure and program the boards to suit the application.

There are a huge number of logic gates on the boards – and these can be used as simple AND / XOR gates, or they can be used in combination to perform complex functions. The board has a number of storage chips – and these can be used as flip flops or as more complex RAM storage. Together, the functions of a board can be as basic or as complex as necessary for the type of device that it is intended to be used in. Xilinx offers affordable and easy to use prototyping devices as well, for use in schools and by hobbyists.

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